Circle C Angus Raises the Roof - New records set at the All Canadian Sport Horse Association Select Sale

Circle C Stoney Acres Hollywood
Circle C Angus with his new owner at the Canadian Select Sport Horse Sale in September 2012.

March 2011 – an email arrives from Wendy Lyon, Chairperson of the Calgary Stampede Miniature Donkey Committee.The message stated: "I had a call from the Blacksmith Committee and they are looking for chocolate donkeys. Do you have any molds for chocolate donkeys or know of someone who does?" This sounded like a work project to me! Anyway I started a search for molds but no one would admit that they had molds for chocolate donkeys.

Another month went by and Wendy e-mailed me again. "The Blacksmith Committee really wants a chocolate donkey. Do you think we can find a mold for them?" Of all the people that I contacted, no one knew anything about making chocolate donkeys. Finally in June Wendy called and asked me to contact the Blacksmith Chairperson directly. When I contacted the Blacksmith, the conversation was a bit confusing at first, however it turned out that he had a client who wanted a real chocolate colored donkey to help raise funds "for a good cause".

Well that explained a lot and I was very thankful not to have to make 700 chocolate donkeys in July! Somewhere the message had really got mixed up!

The Blacksmith asked me to contact Linda Ackerman, host for the first All Canadian Sport Horse Association Select Sale, September 10th, 2012. She wanted a chocolate donkey to be sold as Lot #1 in the sale. The goal was to raise enough money for the Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association Adaptive Bike Program to buy one or two specialized bicycles costing $5500.00 each. The donkey had to be a chocolate color because a potential bidder wanted a chocolate colored donkey.

It happened that we had one yearling gelding who was dark chocolate brown. I sent photos and Linda thought that Circle C Angus would be perfect for the fundraiser. Krista started working with Angus to make sure that he would lead, load and walk through various trail obstacles.

Another exciting element was added to the sale. Henri deGroot, a famous Canadian painter, offered to paint a portrait of Angus, which would be given to his new owner, just in case they didn't have a place where Angus could live. In that event, Linda was offering to board Angus forever for the buyer.