Cooke Livestock presents their premier breeding jennets.

Circle C Miss Desparado

Circle C Miss Desperado

DOB: 06/17/2000
Dark brown, 32" 
Sire: Desperado of Circle C
Dam: Melissa of Circle C
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Miss Desperado was a Show Champion Jennet many times throughout her show career. She is stocky, correct and beautiful. We value her because she is a beautiful Desperado daughter. At her side is a fancy little jennet sired by Circle C Stoney Acres Hollwyood. This fancy little 2012 jennet, at her side, will be ready to show this year.  If you are looking for a fancy show & breeding jennet, please consider Circle C Miss Desperado's Star. Miss Desperado will never be for sale, however we believe she is once again in foal to Hollywood, so we will be offering her 2014 foal for sale [more info].

Circle C Miss Fancy

Circle C Miss Fancy

DOB:  06/28/2008
Medium sorrel, 32 1/2"
Sire:  Red Lightening
Dam:  Sunset Acres Pinky 
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Circle C Miss Fancy is a very correct, well balanced jennet.  She shows a lot of the Red Lightening characteristics. Her dam, Pinky, is a direct daughter out of the famous Jenny Sam of Bell E Acres. Jenny Sam was well known for producing beautiful, small sorrel foals.  

The 2012 jack at Fancy's side is sired by Hoove's Etc. Sizzler. Even as a yearling he is very stocky and has that "show me presence". This little jack has a nice sorrel pedigree that would be an outcross to most sorrel genetics. Watch for Circle C I'm Impressive at the shows! He is ready to breed jennets this year and is offered for sale [more info].

Circle C Final Secret

Circle C Final Secret

Height: 32 1/4"
DOB: June 6th 2002
Color: Blue black/ no visible cross
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2004 Grand Champion Maturity/Futurity Jennet Westerner Miniature Donkey Show.

Coco Chanel & Marcella Beans

Circle C Coco Chanel &Click here to view Coco Chanel's pedigree
Click here to view Marcella Beans' pedigree

Coco Chanel and Marcella Beans are two jennets in our breeding herd. Both have consistently produced outstanding foals thought out the years. This is a candid shot of them in the field. The caption could be "Even standing at liberty out in the field, Coco Chanel of Circle C and Suncreek Marcella Beans look great! Both of these aged jennets produce outstanding foals that are winners in the show ring and producer of great foals.

Circle C Jessica Too

Circle C Jessica Too

31 1/2"
DOB: August 9, 2001
Sire: Red Lightning
Dam: Circle C Jessica
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Circle C Jessica is a 1/2 sister to Desperado of Circle C. Her dam, Jessica was one of our best foundation jennets who produced small round foals with great conformation.

Jessica Too had a wonderful show career and was a multiple Champion Jennet. She was judged by a variety of International judges. Jessica carries on her legacy by producing superior foals. We have retained a daughter, Circle C Simply Exquisite, sired by MGF Future Link.


Brayers Are Us Red Sienna

Brayers Are Us Red Sienna

DOB: May 28, 2002
Bright Sorrel
Height: 32 1/2"
Sire: Ozark Red Sierra, dark sorrel, 32 3/4"
Dam: MGF Bright Crimson, dark sorrel. 34 3/4"

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Sienna is a beautiful show quality jennet. She is kind and sweet. Sienna has been bred to several Circle C herd sires and always produces a quality foal. The foal shown with her is Circle Northern Dancer, sired by Circle C Dynasty; owned by Loren & Marilyn Burlage, Colorado. Sienna will be bred to MGF Gold Bar in 2014. 

Raspberry Fizz and Hurricane's Florence

Best Friends

Raspberry Fizz of Circle C

Circle C Miss Houston

Miss Houston of Circle C

Light Sorrel, 32 1/4"
DOB: 1989
Sire: Hendrick's Dapper #2
Dam: Hendricks #14
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Miss Houston was one of our premier foundation jennets. She and Red Lightening had a true love affair and all of her foals were sired by him. She had 12 live foals of which 2 were jacks & 10 were jennets. Miss Houston offspring are scattered throughout North America and Ireland. Most of Miss Houston's foals had show careers and all became Champions. Miss Houston consistently stamped all of her foals with her beautiful head, big eye and excellent conformation. We still own her last jennet, Miss Houston's Final Edition. Like the rest, Final Edition has been great show donkey and was Grand Champion Jennet at the Westerner Show, Miniature Donkey Extravaganza in Red Deer Alberta.

Miss Houston passed away at the age of 25 years, in the fall of 2012. It was an honor to own such a beautiful jennet.