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Recently a friend of ours suggested we look at our driver's licenses and take note of our birth dates. People who are having fun don't feel they are getting older. However it made us realize that time is marching on. This has brought us to the decision to disperse our younger Miniature Donkeys. These donkeys are the ones that are the replacements for our breeding program.  They all have proven pedigrees. Many have proven show careers under International judges at well attended NMDA Shows. 

All donkeys have been on a regular health program and are halter broke and friendly. They would  be competitive in the show ring. Any of the donkeys would make wonderful family companions  or could be used as therapy donkeys. 

We can make transportation arrangements for foreign buyers. We work with a great transport company that will deliver donkeys across the US safely & reasonably.  

Contact for rates. In addition we offer free quarantine for donkeys going abroad including delivery to the Calgary International Airport.  

Not all jennets or jacks have been listed so please Contact Us if you are looking for a special donkey.  


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Circle C I'm Impressive

DOB: June 10, 2012
Height: 28"

Bright Sorrel
Sire: Hooves Etc. Sizzler, Russet 31 1/2"
Dam: Circle C Miss Fancy, Sorrel 32 1/2" [more info]
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This sorrel jack has been Impressive from day one, so the name reflects his future. As a yearling he measures 29". Impressive has lots of sorrel genetics, going back to Bell E Acres Jenny Sam. He is very stocky and correct. In addition he is extremely handsome and has that show attitude. Watch for Impressive in the shows.

This fancy jack is available for sale.

Price: $2,000.00


We have a nice selection of geldings available for sale. Call for more information.

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Circle C Cuppa Joe

2012 gelding sired by Circle C Dynasty.
Traditional gray with nice conformation. Halter broke to lead & load.  

Price: Reasonable to a good home!

For SaleCircle C High Roller

2012 dark sorrel gelding
Sire: Circle C Dynasty
Dam: Raspberry Fizz of Circle C 
(Registration pending)

We probably should not have gelded this jack. He has excellent conformation and a show attitude. He is fun to work with and learns very quickly. This gelding will take you to the top in halter & performance. 

Price: $800.00



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DBL V Hurricane's Florence

DOB: Sept. 9, 2006
Light sorrel - 31 3/4"
Sire: Circle C Hurricane - 30 1/2" sorrel
        Full brother to Circle C Legend
Dam: 758's Bonnie - sorrel, Winchester granddaughter
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Hurricane's Florence is a very sweet, petite jennet. She has her 2014 sorrel jennet at her side. Florence has produced 3 foals. She breeds easily and has never had any foaling problems. Florence is a friendly, consistent producer of quality foals. Her genetics include Red Lightening, Miss Houston & Winchester.  

2014 Jennet:

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Circle C Fancy ThatDOB: Aug. 7, 2014
Medium sorrel - 20 3/4" at birth
Sire: MGF Gold Bar - dark sorrel, 29 1/2"
Dam: DBL V Hurricane¹s Florence;  light sorrel, 31 3/4"

"Fancy That" lives up to her name - she is a friendly, fancy little jennet!  She is a firecracker!  This is a little jennet that you can show and then put into your breeding herd.  She has an impressive, complete 3 generation pedigree.

Hurricane's Florence and her 2014 jennet "Circle C Fancy That" can be purchased as a pair or individually. This pair would make a nice addition to any breeding herd.

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Circle C Grace Ann

DOB: May 14, 2010
Sorrel, 31 3/4" 
Sire: Circle C Legend, 31" Sorrel
Dam: Ass-Pirin Acres With Bells On, 32" Dark Sorrel
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Grace Ann is a pretty jennet with a great attitude and lots of dark sorrel genetics. She would be competitive in the show ring and will make a great brood jennet. Grace Ann will be bred to MGF Gold Bar this spring. We expect that she will produce some fancy foals in the future!  

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Circle C Dolce Latte

DOB: July 1, 2011
Dark Brown, 30 1/4"
Sire: Circle C Dynasty - 30”, dark brown; sire of many Champions
Dam: Circle C Latte - 30 1/4” gray
          Dam of Champions and excellent breeding jennets
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Congratulations to Inez Creemers who is the new owner of the beautiful show jennet, Circle C Dolce Latte.  Dolce Latte will be a wonderful addition to your breeding program in Belgium.  Thank you!.

Dolce Latte is a beautiful little jennet with a complete 3 generation pedigree. She has excellent conformation, with big eyes and long ears which come from the Desperado influence in her pedigree.  At her first show in 2012, Latte placed 3rd in a large class of NMDA weanlings. Then at the Miniature Donkey Extravaganza Jackpot Show, she was “Top Three” in the 2 years & under Jennet Class. That qualified her for the Championship Jennet Class. Dolce Latte was declared the overall Champion Jennet of all ages. Quite an honor for a little yearling jennet! Latte is friendly and fun to show – she loves life!!  

Dolce Latte is the last jennet out of Circle C Latte, who has been a consistently, phenomenal breeding jennet at Circle C.  



Circle C Crimson

DOB: September 17, 2005
Sorrel, 32 1/4"
Sire: Circle C Legend - light sorrel. 31 1/2"
Dam: Circle C Raspberry Beret – dark sorrel, 32 1/2"
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Congratulations to Lynne & Smiley Douglas of Pine Lake, AB. 
We know you will enjoy Crimson and look forward to seeing the beautiful foals that she produces for you.

2010 US NMDA National Show
2nd in the Mature Jennet Class 

Circle C Crimson is one of the most beautiful jennets that we have raised.  And she produces small outstanding foals!  This photo was taken at the 2010 NMDA National Show in Red Bluff, California. Crimson was HOT and unhappy.  It was her first and last show because she matured in the time frame when we didn't show. Her dam, Raspberry Beret was an outstanding show jennet who won many Championships under a variety of International Judges.

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Circle C Showgirl

DOB: August 25, 2010
Bright Sorrel – 33 1/4"
Sire: Red Lightening – 32" dark sorrel
Dam: Raspberry Fizz of Circle C – 34 1/2" dark sorrel
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Congratulations to Lynne & Smiley Douglas on your choice of this beautiful show jennet. You will have fun with Showgirl in the show ring & she will produce wonderful foals for you in the future. Thank you!

A beautiful show & breeding jennet. This is the last foal sired by Red Lightening. Raspberry Fizz is also retired. The foals out of Raspberry Fizz have all been Show Champions in halter and performance. Showgirl has had an amazing show career.  

2011 Miniature Donkey Extravaganza:

  • 1st NMDA Weanlings
  • Champion NMDA Junior Donkey
  • Westerner Jackpot Show: Grand Champion Jennet

2012 Miniature Donkey Extravaganza:

  • 1st NMDA Yearling Jennets
  • NMDA Reserve Champion Junior Donkey

"Best Friends"


Congratulations to Smiley & Lynne Douglas, Pine Lake, AB., on their purchase of these beautiful two year old jennets.  Enjoy!  
Thank you for your interest in the Circle C breeding program.


Circle C Miss Desperado's Star

DOB: August 1, 2012
Dark Brown - 29 3/4"
Sire: Circle C Stoney Acres Hollywood - 31 7/8" - true black
Dam: Miss Desparado
         Beautiful dark brown daughter of Desperado C
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For Sale

Circle C HiWest Rosette

DOB: June 14, 2012
Dark brown with sorrel highlights – 33 1/4"
Sire: Circle C Dynasty – 30" dark brown
Dam: Circle C Red Ribbons – 33" bright sorrel
         Champion Jennet as a yearling at the Westerner Show
Click here to view full pedigree

Sold - Circle C Roy

DOB: June 11, 2011
Medium sorrel – 32 3/4'
Sire: Hooves etc. Rascal
Dam: Circle C Monique

Sold - Circle C Diablo

2012 gelding sired by Circle C Dynasty.
Traditional gray with nice conformation. Halter broke to lead & load.

Circle C Roy Rodger & Diablo sold to Cindy & Shane Robinson & daughters, Langdon, Alberta.
Congratulations – enjoy these handsome geldings!

For Sale


Circle C Final Secret

DOB: June 6th, 2002
Black with no light points
Height:  33 1/4"
Sire: MGF Future Link, Black, 32"
Dam: Dark Secret of Circle C, Brown/Black, 34 1/2"
Click here to view Final Secret's pedigree

As a 2 year old, Final Secret was the Grand Champion Jennet at the Westerner Show in Red Deer, Alberta. She is a maternal 1/2 sister to the famous show donkey, Circle C Dark Secret, who was a show Champion throughout the US. Dark Secret was consistently a Champion in both halter & performance classes. Final Secret has had a nice selection of foals sired by various Circle C jacks. In foal to MGF Gold Bar for 2014.

We offered Final Secret for Sale last year. She was purchased by Dr. Jane Wick of California. Dr. Wick is a Family Psychologist and uses her Miniature Donkeys in a therapy program. Final Secret is is part of the therapy program and has earned a reputation as a valued "therapy donkey".

Thank you & congratulations Dr. Wick!




Sold - Circle C Black

A true black yearling jack purchased by Janice Demarians & Frank Labelle, Heart & Soul Stables, Carman, Manitoba.  

Black Ice is one very fancy jack!  He is sired by Circle C Stoney Acres Hollywood & out of Circle C Coco Chanel – both multiple Champions.

We look forward to seeing the foals that he produces for Heart & Soul Stables breeding program.  

Here’s to lots of ribbons in the show ring too!!


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Circle C Jubilee's Star

DOB: Sept. 30, 2009
Medium sorrel with big star, 30 1/2"
Sire: MGF Red Jet, bright sorrel, 30 1/2"
Dam: Bell E Acres Red Jubilee, light sorrel, 32 1/2"
Click here to view full pedigree

We are pleased to announce that Jubilee’s Star has been sold to Inez Creemers of Belgium.  
Dirk & Kristel Hendrickx have purchased Jubilee’s Star’s 2014 jennet foal (pictured below).

Congratulations and Thank You!
We appreciate your confidence in the Circle C Breeding program.

Jubilee's Star was born beautiful! She is a fancy, proven show jennet who is now ready to produce beautiful foals. At her first show in 2010, she was NMDA Junior Champion Donkey and Grand Champion Jennet at the Westerner Jackpot Show. At the 2010 NMDA National Show in Red Bluff, California, Jubilee's Star won NMDA National Champion Junior Donkey! Her 2011 show career, as a two year old, was equally successful.

Jubilee's Star - 2014 Foal:
Born August 17th, 2014 by MGF Gold Bar

Jubilee's FoalJubilee's FoalJubilee's FoalJubilee's Foal


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Circle C Copper Fire

Bright Sorrel, 29 1/4"
DOB: July 20, 2011
Sire: Circle C Dynasty, 30 3/4" Russet Brown
Dam: Circle C Crimson, 31 3/4" Bright Sorrel
Click here to view full pedigree

Sold to Dr. Jane Wick, California.

Circle C Copper Fire is an outstanding little jack with perfect conformation and balance. He has that "look at me" attitude!! Copper Fire will mature into a stunning show jack and he will be a "herd improver" in the breeding pasture. His dam, Crimson, sired by Circle C Legend, is one of our most beautiful breeding jennets.


For Sale

Circle C Legend's ImageSorrel, 30 1/2"
DOB: October 15, 2009
Sire: Circle C Legend, Sorrel
Dam: Hill Country Sedona, Dark Sorrel, 32"
Click here to view full pedigree

Congratulations to L'LASS Miniature Donkeys, Airdrie, Alberta on their purchase of Legend's Image. Thanks Shanna, Kim & Star.

Circle C Legend's Image is a beautiful compact jack who is very handsome. He has done very well in the shows, always placing in the top 3. Image has a great disposition and will hand breed jennets. He has a complete 3 generation pedigree which has many Champions in it. Since Image is related to a number of our breeding jennets we are offering him for sale. Image will make you proud in the show ring and he will produce fancy correct foals.

2011 NMDA Miniature Donkey Extravaganza Show: 3rd in the NMDA Yearling class; Jackpot show – Top 3 , Jacks 2 and under; Reserve Champion Jackpot Jack

2012 NMDA Miniature Donkey Extravaganza Show: 1st in the 2 Year Old Jack class; Grand Champion Junior Donkey. Top 3 in the Two Year and Under Jackpot Jack Class.


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