Canadian Donkey and Mule Association Handbook
76 pages of information every breeder needs to know. Contains valuable information on donkey behaviour, donkey inspection, mules, showing donkeys and mules, terminology, general conformation, and judging.

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Miniature Donkey Notebook
A booklet put together for beginning miniature donkey fans. Has a great deal you may find useful including a good article on how to buy miniature donkeys. The American Donkey & Mule Society.

Donkey Driving
Excellent on training and using donkeys for single and pair driving. Covers vehicles, harness, driving and training and drive with the fancy horse people. This is an English Book. Paperbound, 115 pages, illus with drawings, diagrams. Ellis & Claxton.

Make Your Own Gear Series
These books fulfill a long felt need. Now you have directions to make your own donkey gear. Kate and Brian Beck.

Packing and Outfitting Manual
A very useful book on packing horses, mules and burros. Equipment, how-to, supplies, hitches and knots, survival and more. Used as a teaching manual at the University it is packed with information and illustrations. Paperbound, 86 pages. University of Wyoming.

Breaking Your Horse's Bad Habits
The best thing about this book is that it is an extremely good book on training and the pyschology of the equine as well as being directed towards how to change bad or dangerous habits for the better. Most of the bad habits in stable, harness and under saddle are addressed. Highly recommended. 218 p. paperbound, illus with photos. W. Dayton Sumner.

Donkey Wrinkles and Tales
A small book of hints on handling and training donkeys. Written with love by an experienced trainer. Useful observations on donkey psycology. 80 P, drawings, paperbound. Marjorie Dunkels.

Work Horse Handbook
Large, Practical, on farming with horses, & mules. Lots of how-to on harness and hitching, driving teams & wagons, farm work, care and feeding etc. Book is 11" by 8 1/2" size. Very nice! 150 P. paperbound, illus. with photos and drawings, diagrams. Lynn R. Miller

Animal Traction
This book was originally written for the Peace Corps working in third would countries. It is designed to help a beginner take a donkey, mule or ox and train and use it for simple farm work. It is uniquely valuable for a beginner because it shows the use of these animals from a very basic point of view and also from the "small farm" view. A big size book, paperbound, 150 pages, illus. with drawings and diagrams. Unique. Peter Watson.

Breaking and Training The Driving Horse
An excellent step by step how-to book which teaches you to train a horse, mule or donkey to pull a single hitch cart. Very complete on single driving. Clearly illustrated steps. Very complete and easy to follow. Paperbound, 85 pages, large format and lavishly illustrated with photos and drawings. Doris Ganton.

Training Work Horses and training Teamsters
So often people want to learn how to train a team of mules, horses or donkeys and learn how to drive them. All this info. is now condensed into a profusely illustrated big book by well known expert Lynn R. Miller. The first part of the book is devoted to training a team of equines for farm work or any kind of team driving. The second part is on how to be a good driver of the team. A much needed book! Very complete and detailed, Paper, 352 PP. Lynn R. Miller

Donkey Business II
This an extremely valuable book. Probably our most complete all around book and the first one a serious person should buy if training and use are what you have in mind. This book has many excellent features but the chapters on training (drive, ride and more) and breeding and foaling are especially outstanding. Paperbound, 159 pages, packed with photos and drawings and diagrams. Christine Berry & Jinny Robinson.

Training Mules and Donkeys - A logical approach to Longears
The best book ever written devoted exclusively to training mules. The first book of its type to include training donkeys. However it is best with mammoth or very large donkeys. For training any smaller donkey the book "Donkey Business 11" is a better bet. Starting with the foal, Hodges gives you step by step methods that reveal her secrets for turning out a winning performance, riding and showing. This book is lavishly illustrated with photos showing all steps. over 220 pages, with color insert. Hardcover. Meredith Hodges.

The Definitive Donkey
A general textbook on all breeds, sizes and types of American donkeys. Miniature, Standard and Mammoth. It also has a chapter on breeds of the world. This is written for the general use of all donkey owners from the owner of one pet to the owner of a breeding herd. A very complete chapter on training from birth to finished riding and driving animal is included. All subjects having to do with donkeys are covered. This is the only American book on the subject. 221 pages, lavishly illustrated with photos and drawings, paperbound. Paul & Betsy Hutchins.

Your Donkey
We recommend this book especially to our first time owners, especially those with only one animal which they wish to enjoy to the fullest. It is well illustrated, simple to understand and not too long. It has an excellent chapter on problem solving, and gives you a full coverage donkey book without requiring you to read a great many details you might not need. It is a highly recommended beginners handbook. Written in Australia, it is especially good for miniature and standard donkeys. Paperbound, 95 pages. Ruth Harris.

The Donkey Breeder's Handbook
We had this book especially written by the author of the well known Your Donkey. Ruth Harris is one of Australia's leading donkey breeders and certainly well experienced in all aspects of their care and management. Her Keysoe Farm was founded in 1969 and Ruth spent her whole childhood with the donkeys. She now runs the farm and breeds, trains and shows donkeys. Each foal born is the product of a carefully selected and planned mating, monitored and cared for from conception onwards. As a result, Ruth has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she draws on to share with her readers in this much needed book.

The book is illustrated with many photos and diagrams and the chapters include: Setting Up As a Breeder, Breeding,The In-Foal Jenny, Foaling, Care of Jenny and Foal, Birth to Weaning, General Care of Breeding Donkeys.

Appendices include: Causes of Infertility, Genetics, Systems of Breeding, Bottle Feeding a Foal, Birthing Problems (with diagrams).

The book is simple and easy to read and we think you will find it easy to understand and follow. We have felt for many years that something like this was needed so that the breeder could have all of this information in one place, and we are offering it to you now. We are also taking the utmost care to offer it to you at a very reasonable price, so that you may have this information easily and inexpensively at hand. Paperbound, illustrated. Ruth Harris.

Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal

The expert author of this book is a well known and respected figure in the mule world. This book is written for horses and mules, and is also perfect for donkeys. If you give your foal this start in life, all the things mentioned in the training books will be a snap! It covers the scientific and systematic handling of a newborn in order to accustom it to the handling it will get in later life--and IT WORKS! In the future, "Imprint Trained" will sell that colt for you! As Dr. Miller Says. ALL MULES SHOULD BE IMPRINT TRAINED--AND WE AGREE! Paper, 143 PP, photos. Dr. R.M. Miller



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