CDMACanadian Donkey & Mule Association is a non-profit organization established to preserve, protect and promote donkeys and mules in Canada. The main objectives of the CDMA are:

  • to operate a registry for donkeys, mules, hinnies and zebra donkey hybrids;
  • to preserve and improve the standard of donkeys and mules in general by selective breeding
  • to encourage the use, appreciation, well-being and protection of the donkey and mule;
  • to promote public education in the various arts and sciences in connection with the donkey and mule in the use, appreciation, care and management thereof; and to prevent cruelty to the donkey and mule and to help and co-operate with people and Societies who provide for the care and protection of the donkey and mule.

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CDMA website:
Facebook: Donkey and Mule-Canadian Association


ADMSThe American Donkey and Mule Society, Inc. is a 501C (3) Non-profit organization founded in 1967. Non-voting membership is open to all, whether they own an equine or not.

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NMDAThe National Miniature Donkey Association is a non-profit organization. Our goals are to PROTECT the miniature donkey breed, EDUCATE owners and breeders on the care and management of miniature donkeys, and PROMOTE the breed.

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ADMSThe Canadian Donkey & Mule Association Registry is located within the CLRC which is one of the oldest official Registries in the world. The CLRC began registering a variety of animals in 1905 and is incorporated under the Canadian Animal Pedigree Act. The CLRC Registry is known for being  accurate and having consistent, stringent methods for registering animals. Members of each Association appoint Directors to govern their Association and communicate with the CLRC.  

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